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The Abortion Lobby knows – no matter what happens in the political day-to-day in Washington, D.C. – if they lose the culture to pro-lifers, they’ll be history.

That’s why pro-abortion high school and college administrators are working harder than ever to stop us from even being able to form campus groups. In fact, we have 60 Students for Life groups now dealing with some sort of legal issue.

At the end of last year, the pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge threatened to shoot up our grassroots activists at a training event in Omaha, Nebraska.

And as you may have seen, this past summer one of our pro-life student leaders named Grace, was assaulted by a pro-abortion radical while going door-to-door.

They want to intimidate us into silence.

But that won’t work – if I can count on your help.

Students for Life’s monthly donors are such a help at all times – especially considering the scope of work we’ve taken on.

Guardian Monthly Contributors help:

  1. Guarantee a steady flow of resources we can count on every month, which is critical to our ability to grow SFLA’s new programs;
  2. Ensure we’re able to quickly respond to Planned Parenthood’s attacks. Planned Parenthood is more determined than ever to gain a foothold on America’s college and high school campuses. With a steady flow of resources from Guardian Monthly Contributors, Students for Life will always be prepared to fight back;
  3. Identify and train the next generation of pro-life leaders. You can’t manage a big army without competent leaders. The national grassroots army that Students for Life is building requires constant training for young people who are willing to dedicate their lives to abolishing abortion. Guardian Monthly Contributors play a major role in funding our trainings.

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